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If you have a two story house, and you are going to replace the windows on both the first and second floor, there are little tricks that you can use to make the upper floor job a bit safer and easier. If the windows are replacement style frames, you install them from inside the house, so the only thing that you will do different than the Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors Fifield WI first floor windows is to use an extension ladder to caulk the exterior. So, let’s talk about doing retrofit style windows on the second floor. You can usually remove the old window from inside the house, but if you have a picture window, you have to use the extension ladder to remove the stops holding the glass in place. Then, you can go inside the house Fifield WI and cut the glass free from the frame using a utility knife. Put a tarp on the ground below the window, to catch any glass pieces that may fall during the removal. Also, don’t forget to keep people and animals away from the area below the window.

Once you are ready to install the new window, you can do it from inside the house. Remember, when installing Flooring Contractors Fifield WI retrofit style frames, you install them from outside and raise them into place. Instead, carry the window upstairs. If it’s a slider, remove the screen and sliding panel. Then, using a helper, you can angle the window frame through the opening, extending the retrofit lip completely outside of the opening before pulling the window back toward you, and installing the window as if you were outside. Fifield WI Have your helper hold the center bar while you put a screw into the top center to hold the frame in place. You can do the entire installation from inside. The only time you will need to go on the extension ladder is when you’re ready to caulk the exterior. Make sure you put a generous amount of caulk where the top of the frame meets Fifield WI the stucco or exterior material. You don’t want any water getting past the new frame, otherwise it can work it’s way through the wall and down through the ceiling or the walls. You would be surprised how easily two people can install an 8′ wide by 5′ tall sliding window on the second floor if you remove the sliding panels and screens. In fact, my helper Fifield WI and I did one 10′ wide and 5′ high. That was the biggest one I ever did on the second floor. You can run a bead of caulk on the outside face of the old frame before installing the new frame right from inside the room.

Now, if you are installing a picture window, it’s a little tougher. You can’t remove any panels to lighten the load, Fifield WI and it’s tougher to get as firm a grip on the frame. But, on the positive side, picture windows aren’t usually much larger than 3′ by 5′ on the second floor. If you have a large picture window, or if you have several to install, I have access to suction cups that are used in the glass industry. You can attach them to the glass and Fifield WI use them as handles when extending the frame outside through the opening. Contact me on my website at How to install windows if you want to get pricing on suction cups. You can get the smaller, inexpensive models for around $40 each.

So, if you are hesitating to replace your old windows yourself because you didn’t think you could do the upstairs windows, now you know you Fifield WI can. Next week’s topic is going to be about replacing the rollers on your patio door. If you can’t hardly open your sliding glass door anymore, a couple of new rollers can make all the difference in the world.


Laying Wood Flooring Fifield WI


If you’re looking to choose a custom shower base but have found yourself overwhelmed with options you’re not alone. Mud set pans, extruded or expanded polystyrene, solid surface Corian and cultured marble are just some of the more common options. Identifying your choices in not the problem – it’s finding the best option for you that can be tough. In this article you’re learn 7 steps to guide you through this decision.

Step 1 Cherry Hardwood Flooring Fifield WI – Identify your options – In the past the most frequently used custom pan was a mortared mud set (it did not require specialized materials and many tile setters were familiar with the method). Although there was a lot of familiarity with this approach the failures with this system became all too common as well. Now systems like expanded and extruded polystyrene and solid surface bases are gaining popularity for their ease of Fifield WI installation and long term performance.

Step 2 – Know how the location of your bathroom will impact your choice – if your project is located on the second floor with stairs that are difficult to maneuver it may literally be impossible to use a heavy solid surface or cultured marble unit because of their weight (and the ability to fit the pan through the door may not be possible). If access is tough then Laminate Flooring Fifield WI the mortared and expanded/extruded polystyrene systems are best.

Step 3 – Determine how important a completely waterproof base will be to you- Solid surface and expanded polystyrene bases are 100% waterproof and factory made as one assembly. In the case of a concrete base it is hand made at the job site and it’s long term success is totally dependent on the knowledge and skills of the homeowner or field installer (note: there is Fifield WI a heavy price to pay for a failed installation – the entire base and enclosure system will often need to be removed and there may be water damage in the subfloor and rooms below).

Step 4 – Figure out your budget – It may be tempting to select the cheapest custom shower base (this is the mud set style) because you might say who’s going to see it anyway, but if the unit fails Fifield WI you’ve got big problems (see step 3). For excellent waterproofing at a good price a ready for tile expanded polystyrene or cultured marble selection may be best. Solid surface Corian is usually the most costly option.

Step 5 – Determine if you’re going to do it yourself or hire a professional – If you’d like to save money and do it yourself it’s best to stay away from labor dependent and skill intensive mortared Fifield WI bases (yes – they’re cheap – but if you do it wrong you’ll be stuck with a seriously high repair bill). For DIY projects consider bases that are premade in one section to your specifications like solid surface and expanded polystyrene units. If you hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor they should be skilled in installing most of the different types of bases.

Step 6 – Consider how you want to finish the floor- Fifield WI Ask if you’d prefer a solid surface or tile floor. If you like the look and feel of tile the mud set and extruded/expanded bases will all work. If you love tile but hate grout use a high performance urethane grout vs. the typical sanded grout. Urethane grout is highly resistant to water, comes in premixed buckets, and does not require the maintenance of needing to be resealed. The advantage of Corian and Fifield WI cultured marble bases is the base also is the finished floor.

Step 7 – Think long term – consider accessible Universal design options – Let’s face facts – custom bases are not cheap. So you should consider how you can design your pan and enclosure to work for your entire family over the long run of owning the home (no matter what their age or physical abilities). To design your base to be useable Fifield WI by everyone you may want to add a barrier free or ramped entrance. These can be used by someone who needs a roll in shower – or anyone else in your family as well.

Now that you’re equipped with these 7 steps you’re ready to make the best selection for your custom shower base project.


Flooring Cost Fifield WI


Did you ever say to yourself when you’re about to make a large purchase: “Wow…I only wish I had knowledge of what I am buying like these people who are trying to sell me this stuff.” After reading this report, you will have that knowledge when it comes to hardwood or laminate flooring. I am going to explain to you how to correctly Contract Flooring Fifield WI purchase hardwood and/or laminate flooring. I have been in different businesses for over 30 years, and I have been in the flooring business for over 15 years. I find many people approach their flooring purchases incorrectly, therefore costing them lots of money; and at times, customers will buy inferior products from inferior merchants. This report will list 10 Topics that you need to Fifield WI read and understand. After doing so, you will be prepared to make that perfect hard surface flooring purchase and have the peace of mind that you approached your purchase just like an expert.

1. Use the internet for research. Whether hardwood or laminate flooring, I like to browse the internet for styles that appeal to me. I also use the flooring forum or Laminate Wood Flooring Fifield WI other forums to ask others what products they seem to be having success or difficulties with. You can also go to to see if there are many major complaints with the products you are considering. Check out the reviews of the box stores on while you’re at it. I do not recommend purchasing flooring products via the internet. One reason for Fifield WI this is that many of the manufacturers will not warrant products from internet purchases. Also, should you have a problem with your floor, it will be difficult to get any type of representation to solve your issue. Another major issue is damage caused from third-party shippers. There’s nothing worse than making a purchase, only to find damage and have to remedy it through Fifield WI the internet store. Finally, it normally does not save you money to purchase through the internet. When you factor shipping into the cost, many times a better buy can be made from a local independent retailer that has great buying power. I will explain later in the report the right things to mention when buying at a local retail store to bring your Fifield WI cost down.

2. Take samples home. I strongly recommend visiting a good local retail store to ask their opinions on products. Those that are of interest to you and seem to be in your budget need to be signed out and taken home to be viewed in both natural and artificial light and in the surroundings where the product will be installed. Independent stores Fifield WI will show the products under the actual true manufacturer label making it much easier to comparison shop. Buying groups such as Carpet One, Flooring America, Abbey, Floors to Go, and the big box stores have most of their products privately labeled, making it nearly impossible to comparison shop. This is done for obvious reasons.

3. Ask for a bottom line price. The best thing Fifield WI you can do is mention that you will not be making a decision that day and that you are checking prices. Mention that you are not the type of person to bounce back and forth and that you would like their bottom line price right from the start. The worst thing that you can do as a consumer is state that you will Fifield WI only buy from that store. That will cost you money as it assures the store you are not shopping, and flooring is a competitive business.

4. Cash and carry vs. installed purchase. This is always a tough one because a flooring product is only as good as the installation. I have seen a lot of want to-be independent installers out there that can ruin Fifield WI a laminate or hardwood job. Most carpet installers are not carpenters, but many do pretend to be. It is rare to find an installer that can do it all. As a matter of fact, I have yet to find one. Many are top notch at some types of flooring, but not others. So when you hire a friend of a friend, or someone Fifield WI working under their own shingle, are you guaranteed the type of installation you expect? Also, when using a moonlighting installer, you should be paying no more than 50-60% of the prevailing rate of the independent retailer installation rate. I have seen moonlighting installers charge half again as much for an installation than the customer could have gotten from a flooring store. When you Fifield WI have the flooring store install the product, there will be no finger-pointing should there ever be an issue. There are so many different complications that can happen after an installation, and if you are dealing with a rock solid independent retail store, you have protection. In my opinion, there needs to be significant savings for you when you cash and carry a product. Fifield WI If you have the ability to install on your own, then there is normally a substantial savings realized and I say go for it. If not, let the experts do it.

5. How to determine if the store knows its stuff. Just how do you know if a store knows what it’s doing? There are a few things that you need to look for. Fifield WI First of all, if you are looking for the independent retailer to install the product for you, they must come to the job site and measure for you. Diagrams just don’t cut it and a good store knows that a 3-D viewing of the job is the only way to finalize a price. Notice how much attention the store pays to transitions between Fifield WI rooms in your home. Are they going to undercut door casings? It is a must. Are they going to pull baseboards or use rounds? Baseboard pulling makes the floor look like the house was built on top of the floor and that is what you want. Depending on the type of baseboard you have, rounds are sometimes necessary, but it should always be Fifield WI discussed. Notice the amount of perimeter detail the measuring technician is noting. If it is just a diagram drawn with no discussion, that’s not good enough. Look for another store. You’ll immediately notice the difference between stores just by watching the approach taken by the measurer. An expert will be in total control and will ask you all the right questions and discuss Fifield WI the project with you. Is the store going to document who is doing what and who isn’t? There will also be certain job preparation issues that will need to be discussed, such as moving appliances, toilets, furnishings, tearing out of existing flooring, etc. These items need to be decided and should be listed and signed by both parties so that there is no Fifield WI confusion. Moonlight installers tend to put all the little detailed preparation directly on the consumer or they charge you extra for it. Alternately, many times the prep will be included in the retailer installation package.

6. What to look for in a laminate floor. I believe this can be answered pretty simply. Make sure the product has the styling that you like and falls Fifield WI in your budget. All laminates today perform extremely well regardless of price. Retail stores do carry many laminate products and I believe each one will perform as well as any. High- or low-priced, they will perform about the same. The technology today is superior to the laminates of even 5 years ago. Most of the old chip board core laminates from 10 years Fifield WI ago or longer look like the day they were installed. Gone are the old glue-together products, and now with the drop and lock technologies, joint separation is pretty much nonexistent. The biggest difference I see in pricing of products is that manufacturers extend the warranties and make more realistic looks in the higher-priced products. Performance will be very similar between all the products. Fifield WI The number one enemy of a laminate floor is water. If the laminate is going to get wet, pick another floor. I also get concerned with some of these high shine laminate floors. My company has seen some issues in that they will (not surprisingly) show abrasions to the finish much quicker than a lower luster finish. If it were my home, I Fifield WI would only use a high shine product in an area that gets minimal wear. I have seen some pretty flimsy laminates at big box stores and buying clubs. These laminates are not really any less expensive and are really flimsy when holding them. I believe they are products made especially for these stores, and really are no less costly. One trick of these Fifield WI stores is to put a low amount of square footage in each box, which makes the cost appear less. Always do your math and compare apples to apples.

7. What to look for in hardwood flooring. The popular product today is hardwood flooring. It is making a gigantic comeback and everyone wants to jump on the hardwood band wagon. In our region, it seems Fifield WI everyone wants solid hardwood flooring. Let’s talk about solid wood. Solid wood is great as long as you have a fairly constant humidity level in your home and the wood is going to be installed above grade. If your home has large fluctuations in humidity levels, then you may want to consider an engineered hardwood floor. An engineered hardwood is a hardwood floor Fifield WI that has plies or turned layers of material in-between a top and bottom layer of the species that you are selecting. This gives the product more stability to changing climate conditions. This type of floor is normally required for on or below grade applications. Engineered flooring is generally a little more price-friendly as the tree specie requirement is less to make the product. Fifield WI A concern with an engineered floor is what the inner core plies are made of. Be sure to ask and make sure a hardwood or hard material is used to create the inner ply as a soft material can make the top layer easier to dent. Solid floor hardness can be determined by researching or asking the Janka rating. Janka ratings are a Fifield WI scale used to determine the hardness by comparison of wood species. I believe that all finishes of hardwood today are good as long as it is a quality brand of flooring that can be found at your independent retailer. There are some new products on the market today that give 50-year finish warranties for what it is worth. I have always had concerns Fifield WI with lifetime warranties or other huge warranties, although I suppose it is something you can hang your hat on should there ever be a problem. Pre-finished vs. unfinished hardwood is always a debate and you will get differing opinions. Personally, I prefer pre-finished. You get more layers of finish and furniture-like quality without the mess. No sanding, better warranties, and a quicker finished Fifield WI product just make up my mind. Yet, we have top-quality intelligent builders who prefer unfinished. So who am I to argue? This product simply has two schools of thought.

8. Laminate vs. Hardwood. Tough decision, but it’s ultimately up to you. First, let me say that I always tell potential buyers that it doesn’t matter what your neighbor thinks or what your bridge partner Fifield WI thinks — it is what you want. Do not let anyone influence your decision based on their likes or dislikes. There are 100 different flavors of ice cream for a reason. I am shocked by how many people actually fall in love with a color or style. Then they say, “Let me keep it a couple of extra days so I can show Fifield WI my kids.” They then return the sample and either buy nothing or completely change the product from the one they initially chose. It is you who will be looking at the product every day and it should be you who makes the ultimate choice of what you want to see. Now we move to the discussion of laminate vs. hardwood flooring. I always Fifield WI say to people that hardwood will actually increase the value of your home. Laminate flooring normally does not. With that said, let’s discuss what makes sense. If I install hardwood and laminate into an average active American household with 3 children, there’s a fair chance that in 5 years my hardwood may look worn, but the laminate should basically still look good. Now Fifield WI which home really held its value? Yet, I can refinish the hardwood and immediately replace the value. But remember, that refinish will cost money. So we are kind of going around in circles. Laminate flooring is much more difficult to scratch, will not fade from sunlight, and is more water resistant than hardwood. Water is not a friend to laminate flooring by any Fifield WI means, but water can ruin hardwood flooring also. Laminate flooring is a snap to repair; and when you repair the board, you will never know it was repaired as it does not change appearance over time. Hardwood is more of a tedious repair and you may notice the repair was made until it blends in with wear. Pet urine can hurt both products. Fifield WI Your pet’s claws will be much more disturbing to the hardwood finish. It takes a lot to scratch laminate flooring, but it can be scratched and it is not bulletproof. No matter what the finish on a hardwood floor has, abrasions will be noticed. The scratches normally do not get to the wood, but will disturb the finish coat layer. I have hardwood Fifield WI flooring and my big boxer dog does occasionally put a mark into the wear finish. Another option of hardwood is a distressed or rustic look. Hand scraped or rustic products will not show these abrasions and actually add to the character. If you have a major scratch in the finish, you simply rub some Old English into the scratch and it will basically Fifield WI vanish. The results will not be the same with a smooth or more formal finish. Laminate flooring will take a lot of abuse, but it is an image of a hardwood and tries its best to imitate a hardwood or tile floor. It will not sound, look, or smell like a real hardwood. Hardwood is genuine and can be harvested from different parts Fifield WI of the world. Exotic woods are now controlled by what is called the Lacey Act. Manufacturers today must comply with the act assuring that hardwood foresting is done with a prioritized concern for the environment. This has eliminated illegal foresting in other parts of the world which has translated into higher exotic wood prices. Hardwoods come from real trees giving the product unmatched Fifield WI beauty and elegance. Laminate flooring on average is less expensive than hardwood flooring. A good solid local retail flooring store should be able to show you the differences between laminate and hardwood flooring which should allow a much better decision on what is best for you and your family. But remember, it is ultimately up to you.

9. Understanding the manufacturer warranties. Many people Fifield WI wonder what the manufacturers’ warranties really mean. From someone who is in the flooring business and takes this topic very seriously, my answer is pretty simple: “Not Much”. After the first 3 months, I would say the warranty becomes about as good as what your independent retail store will do for you. Normally, if there is a malfunction with a product, it will Fifield WI happen in the first 30 days. Many times, when there is a problem, it is due to installation. This is why it’s important, in my opinion, to have the independent retailer arrange for the installation and have that store on the hook. There are occasional issues of manufacturing after the first 30 days, but it is rare. I can count on about one Fifield WI finger how many manufacturer claims we have had after 30 days on laminate and hardwood, and we operate 4 flooring stores. So all of these 30-, 50-, even 25-year finish or wear-through warranties just don’t mean a lot in my mind. These manufacturers know that the finish may wear through, but it will be abuse that causes it. Does this mean that I Fifield WI do not ask what the warranty is? No, I still would want a product with a minimum 15-year warranty. Fifteen years would be my dividing line. There are some hardwoods with real low purchase prices that only carry a 1- or 5-year finish warranty. I would run from those, but at the 15-year or greater warranty mark, I would not think twice. One Fifield WI other point is that buying groups and box stores increase the warranties on their own. What I mean by this is that they contract the manufacturer to raise the warranty for them. I do not like the fact that a product with a normal 5-year warranty gets increased to 25 years simply because a box store is selling it. This does not make Fifield WI the product better and is no extra protection for you. Remember what I said about abuse. A true 15-year warranty will take a lot more abuse than a 30-year inflated box store warranty. This is why I would prefer to purchase through a strong independent retail store. Your independent retail store can give you good opinions on what is a good product and Fifield WI what is not. The warranty displayed is what the manufacturer truly specified for the product.

10.Costs and buying methods of these products. Flooring is one of the largest purchases a family makes, second only to their automobiles. With this said, it can be very affordable. Just like anything else, there are great valued products. These do not have to be entry level products. They Fifield WI can be excellent products with excellent warranties. A strong independent retail flooring store can give you great advice on these types of products. If you walk in to an independent retail store and ask for a great value product in either a laminate or hardwood, the experienced salesperson will be able to show you many. Remember that a strong local independent retailer does Fifield WI not normally sell toilets, rose bushes, or light bulbs — just flooring. I think that’s important. You may need to explain to the salesperson that by “value”, you don’t necessarily mean the cheapest, but you mean a good product that really does demonstrate value. Most independent retailers know which of their products has an unusually high value for the cost. One thing to Fifield WI remember is that the installation, the underlayment for your laminate or hardwood, the floor prep and anything else that needs done will be a constant. You may want to ask for the price that will be a constant for your purchase. At that point you will know that any additional dollar that you spend will go directly into the flooring product you choose. Fifield WI In other words on a 500 sq ft purchase, an extra 30 cents a square foot may give you the four sided bevel that you are looking for. So for an extra $150, you will have the beveled product in your living room, dining room, and hallway. If a job of $4600 is a little more than you hoped, but you are going Fifield WI to purchase it anyway, don’t you think for the increase to $4750, which can get you exactly what you want, is a smart extra $150? Your constant cost will not change, so the little extra money you’re spending will give you the look you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. There are many ways to pay for your flooring: cash, check, credit Fifield WI card, in-house financing plans, or companion financing plans. Most stores, offer 12 months same as cash for their customers and do not factor any of the cost of offering that particular program into the cost of the product. What I mean by that is when you see 36 months interest-free or even up to 5 years interest-free financing, it may be interest-free, but Fifield WI it isn’t free at all. The retailer pays a percentage to the finance factoring company for that length of free interest for their customer. These fees are expensive and that cost is factored into the product that you are purchasing. Twelve months interest-free is an affordable fee normally for the retailer and it will not usually affect the price of the product. Credit Fifield WI cards and interest-free financing do cost the retailer money. A buyer that plans on writing a check should tell the retailer this when asking for the best deal. When management of a store knows this, they understand they will experience no fees with this payment style and that should translate into a little better deal for you. Cash vs. check should have no Fifield WI bearing on your price. In the economic climate of today, flooring is actually less expensive than 4 or 5 years ago. This is a fact, even though there have been many flooring price increases from the manufacturer. In order to stay extremely competitive, the smart independent retail flooring centers have curbed and cut costs so that they can actually offer flooring to the Fifield WI consumer for a lower price than in years past. It could be a smart time right now to make that purchase.


Installing Laminate Flooring Fifield WI


Flooring concepts have been around for countless years and decades. From oak and pine to acetate and other fine woods, there are so many options and choices available. Whether for new or existing homes, you truly have access to a full range of designs and styles to meet all your needs. It simply requires a little research to secure the best tiles and accessories to enhance your Laying Wood Flooring Fifield WI interiors.

According to industry experts, the less is more approach is always perfect for modern and contemporary homes. This means simply yet stylish and elegant floors that truly accentuate your interiors and decors. As always, there are many colors, patterns, and designs available. It simply depends on your specific tastes and aspirations.

When it comes to fine floors, nothing is more exquisite than marble and granite. For years, these Fifield WI items were only relegated to counter tops and other forms of tiling. However, they have seen a strong resurgence in popularity in recent years. No truer is this then when it comes to new homes with slick interiors and cutting edge designs.

Such floor coverings also work in traditional homes and apartments as well. Most people prefer these tiles since they are easy to clean, sturdy, and will Hardwood Floor Refinishing Fifield WI last for years to come. Unlike basic floors with simple tiles, marble offers more depth, volume, and textures that add a touch of class to any theme or style.

If you are unsure about which tiling styles and designs to consider, simply head over to a local home improvement store. They feature helpful customer service reps that can assist you across the board. Most stores have sizeable flooring Fifield WI and carpeting departments for your convenience. They also feature showrooms where you can see how these floor patterns will look in your home or apartment.

Whether looking to enhance your home or replace existing tiles, you truly have unlimited access to so many options. This includes traditional wood grains, as well as brown felt, black felt, acetate and even oval or circular designs. One of the best ways Fifield WI to decide is by checking online interior design sites or trade publications.

It is also advised to visit a local tile store to weigh your options and choices. In fact, you may be able to tap into a range of promotional discounts and sales. In addition, these venues tend to feature specialists that have more experience than just regular customer service reps. As a result, you should be Fifield WI able to find the right tiling and accessories to match any existing or new theme and concept.

Local installers can get your floors ready in no time at all. You simply need to discuss your options at the place of purchase to expedite installations and any required maintenance. From remodeling projects to upgrades, these experts are always available to meet all your needs. From marble flooring to wood Fifield WI and even metallic tiles, now is the best time to spruce your living room or bedroom floors. You may even quality for rebates or partial coverage on upgrades from your home insurance company.


Flooring Companies Fifield WI


Often times carpet installers will use what is called a knee kicker to install your carpet. Is that tool enough to keep your carpet nice and tight for the years to come? Is there a difference between this technician favorite and a power stretcher? You will find that using a knee kicker vs a power stretcher can make a significant difference in the life of your Laminate Wood Flooring Fifield WI carpet. A knee kicker just does not get the carpet tight enough; wrinkles are inevitable; the power stretcher is the way to go.

The Knee Kicker

This mechanism is your carpet installer’s favorite tool. Why is this tool such a favorite among installers? The answer is time. Using a knee kicker allows for a speedy install. You lay the carpet down, apply the device and then bang it Fifield WI with your knee while you tuck the carpet onto tack strips. You can accomplish an install rather quickly using this approach around all the edges of your room. There is one major issue though; the knee kicker just does not get the carpet tight enough.

Flash forward two years after your installation. Due to heavy foot traffic, climate changes, and humidity your carpet shapes and shifts. It Wood Flooring Cost Fifield WI is no longer as tight as it was when it was first installed so guess what? You notice a wrinkle in your hallway. Then another wrinkle shows up in the bedroom. Before you know it there are wrinkles everywhere! These wrinkles endanger you and your children with the possibility of tripping over one of these ripples.

The Power Stretcher

So what do you do now? Your carpet is Fifield WI only a few years old and you do not want to pay for another faulty install. The power stretcher is your savior. The difference between using a power stretcher and a knee kicker is like using a torque wrench vs using your hand to tighten a bolt. It stretches your carpet beyond what a knee kicker can; ensuring your carpet will be wrinkle free for years Fifield WI to come. When used properly your carpet should not be affected by humidity, climate changes or foot traffic. You really shouldn’t see any ripples for 5 or more years!

Using a power stretcher does take a measure of skill so I do recommend you hire a professional to take care of those wrinkles for you. Make sure they do in fact use the right devices. One visit Fifield WI from a carpet repair company will have those ripples gone at the fraction of the cost of a fresh install. So when you notice your carpet is a little loose do not fret. Your carpet is a power stretcher away from eliminating all your wrinkle worries.

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